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Tutorial for making 360 Voice Account

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Tutorial for making 360 Voice Account Empty Tutorial for making 360 Voice Account

Post  eXD Azazel 69 on Tue Jul 26, 2011 3:33 am

In this Tutorial you will learn how to Register and Activate your 360 Voice Account, and why we ask you to have one.

Lets Start at the exileddemons.net headquarters page. Click the 360Voice Link Box on the left side of the page under the Top 100 Clans Voteing link, *That you should know from using every single day cause we all know that every single one of us VOTE EVERYDAY!!!

When you click the link you are taken to the eXiled Demons group page at 360V address being 360voice.gamerdna.com/group.1306 if you click on Join this group now you are brought to a login page where you either login or register.

Click Register Now. Then click YES that you agree to the TOU, Then fill out the Contact info and make sure you use the correct GT.

When you get everything filled out and sent in, open up your email to see if you got a message from them.

When it comes Open it and click the link it opens a 360V page that says Registration is Complete that you are added to the system and gives you a URL to your own BLOG about your 360 activity. Make sure that in your Xbox Privacy Settings in the Dashboard are set to Everyone for this program to work.

OK now if you DO NOT Receive your EMAIL Activation PLS Send your GT to mail@360voice.com and they can manually activate YOU!!

Now for the why....... This is used just to see who is on and what kinds of games are being played. If alot of people are playing a new game that we don't have a company in and it looks like it would do good then eXD might want to start another company up or move an older dieing company over to the new game.

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