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Sorry for not being as active as i should...

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Sorry for not being as active as i should...

Post  eXDhyruleundead on Tue Jul 12, 2011 6:10 pm

Hey y'all i want to appoligise for not being as active as i should... i have had alot of stuff to deal with for the deployment and its not realy giving me much time to get on my computer... i will try to stay on this now that ive gotten alot of the big stuff out of the way and can actualy get on here now. i appreiciate all the support i have gotten from the fellow members in this time of me leaving...

I also want to appoligise to Fallen for just leaving her with all the troubles of predetor cm... i couldnt find enough time to do my job as commander and i didnt want to let the company fall because of that... i know you will do well as the commander and i hope that when i come back i will get to take back up the reigns and begin to lead again... and i hope to join you in citadel soon after cause im sure you will make it there with no problems.
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Re: Sorry for not being as active as i should...

Post  eXD FallenAngel on Wed Jul 13, 2011 6:22 pm

Thanx hyrule, but i don't think Preedator is that bad.. People just don't come to meetings.. or recruit.. or vote... okay, on second thought.. so maybe we do have a problem. But i'm working on fixing that.(: I think i could do it. And good luck to you Clarence(:
eXD FallenAngel
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