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Post  eXD T Bone on Mon Jul 11, 2011 12:00 am

I figured I tell you all a little about things going on with me. I am awaiting Word from Citadel on what my position is in the clan.
If anything happens I will let you all know. Be it Good or Bad. If it bad I would still do my best to promote this clan and I would still vote as much as I can to still show my vow I took when I joined up with Shadow in the Storm squad. I have served under some of the best people I have ever known as a Recruit up to the rank I currently have now. I have seen two people go from the ranks of the Demons to Retire as honored members of the Citadel. I have been there in full support of Jigsajw as he went from Drill Sergeant to the role of Colonel. Hell I remember he won the first ever Jingle Brawl (being i put up for the prize..lol). I have seen some members fall and regain their ranks due to some matters.
I am still passing out flyers I made to help promote eXD. I am still in the Works with Grifball Hub for the eXD to have a team on for the Fall season (looks good so far have a few people in mind {Legacy}). I will still continue to help eXD be it good or bad news coming to me. I hope to one day be known as one the the greats that help make this little group a home for the gaming like minded in the way of making sure things are right, fare, and good clean fun out there on XBL. We got to keep on voting I have seen us slip in the last two days. If we brake into the top 10 of all sites it means we are either #1 or #2 of all X BOX LIVE REMEMBER THAT!!! Just to get into the top 10 is hard enough with the PC clans out there.
I am sure that one day there will be tourneys and events that you will see eXD T-Shirts and Hats worn. I am also sure that ine day we will be on G4 or on the gaming mags for showing that Through all the hard asses out there making matchmaking a pain in the ass there is still people that are in it for fun.
Thanks to all that take the time out and read this.
Thomas "T-Bone" Kleissler

I would also like to nominate eclispe for the eXD Hall of Fame for all the hard work he did in his time with us including the time he will be here till he dies he bleeds green, gold and black.

Honored Major in Citadel

eXD T Bone
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