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2:40am Post of postiness

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2:40am Post of postiness

Post  CommanderC on Fri Jun 10, 2011 2:48 am

So..Im up late and I'm bored, No ones on but if someone gets on how am I to know that they see me on? More importantly how am I to get their attention to get them on and talking to me? I dont know, but here's what I'm doing now, playing halo reach on my 360 playin Combat arms on my computer(my HP) and on MSN and on the forums on this computer(My MAC) which are all located around me..in a world where there is only a man and 3 lonely computers, he must find the golden sippy cup for all humanity to strive and..sip from!(dramatic music!) Now imagine your in a place of no resemblence, you have no idea whereyou are or the people who pass you in the streets, but could you really call them people or streets? you have no idea, neither does any of the "people" you try to greet and question about this newfound world, or place. I was in a dark place once, it was dark, black as night, night where bad things happen in the daytime and everything good happens at night, thats a stereotype, of night. Night = bad, Day = Good, Stereotypes of nature and blissful harmony! do we even know where or what were doing in the great world of absolutely nothing because if we did, why do we do the stupid things we do, we sit here with our cheetos and our pops and wonder why we grow fatter, both physically and mentally. It is times like these where I really think, can we prevail, because the answer will always be the same, "Gee I hope so" but We dont always. millions of things go through our brains, do we even remember half of it? no. We wont and cannot. for we use 3-7% of our brains true capacity and although Some people think they're the smartest things in the world they are not. They are by far the most ignorant and ignorance is not a sign of intellegence, So my conclusion....Apple Juice is better than Grape Juice.

Thank you all for reading this if you took the time to.(p.s. dont take anything to heart i am very very tired, for i have stayed a great deal of time without rest and I wanted to let out my random blissfully random thoughts)

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Re: 2:40am Post of postiness

Post  eXD Jabberwock on Fri Jun 10, 2011 5:22 am

I must read this 2 more times, after I have slept!!

I don't like apple or grape juice affraid

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