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Food for Thought

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Food for Thought

Post  MB BadBoy on Tue Jan 11, 2011 8:04 am

Let me preface this post with a little background info. I spent six years in the US Navy,I have an associates degree in electronic engineering,I have two children aboy 15,and a girl 9. I have been alive on this earth for 38 years and seen many many things.I have been married twice.( didn't learn my lesson the first time,lol ) Now on to the show...

I am very happy with eXD,I think the clan has great potential and I know that Diablo and the founders have put in many hours and heart into making eXD where it is today. I for one would love to see eXD excel beyond all expectations. Here are a few ideas ...

Weekly Company Meetings...I know,they are already in place but they have to be set in stone no wavering.If a company leader can't make it to the meeting, have the next in line hold the meeting.

Monthly Whole clan meetins-This would be conducted by an Admiral and give troops an insight to the direction of the clan,as well as give any accolades due at that time.

Respect- all members should respect each rank for what it is,but also remember respect is earned not demanded,as you progress in rank you have to hold yourself to a higher standard of accountability.

Democracy-I think some things should be put to vote by all not only those in the Citadel. Including everyone, makes them feel more apart of the growing process and instills pride in the clan.

Be a Rock- meaning If something is a clan Law then there are no loop holes,every decision must be made and stuck to,by wavering in your decision it makes one seem weak and undecisive( not good traits in Leadership)The troops need to know( as do children) that there is a stable place to go to and the answer will not waver from person to person,meaning...(example) John,my best friend,wants to do something,and i give my approval,but when Mike,just a clan member, asks for same thing i say No.Basically all need to be treated in same exact manner regardless of relationship with the leader.

Uniformity-this means there should be one way and one way only do do anything,I would like to see everyone in the clan with the same emblem,maybe hold a contest to see who comes up with the best company emblem and then everyone in the company should "wear" that emblem with pride.In a clan Individualism is not a great asset,Team work and caring for the fellow member is .

I may have overstepped my boundaries so i'll save my other ideas for another day. If these are received well i have many more,lol. I am not saying that the Leadership isn't already displaying the traits i spoke of,I am just saying that the traits are necessary for the clan to move to the next level( Global Domination ),lol,jk

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Re: Food for Thought

Post  Guest on Tue Jan 11, 2011 2:24 pm

Well said MB BadBoy.


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